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American Nationwide Mortgage Net Branch
After reviewing some of the benefits listed below we're sure you'll agree that we offer what may be the premier Net Branch opportunity in the nation. Take a moment to review some of our benefits then fill out our Quick Contact form or give us a call.    
  • $495 Per File - We offer the lowest per file fee in the business
  • Over 30 States - Our licensing allows you to take your business nationwide
  • Over 150 Lenders Full access to the nation's top lenders
  • Mortgage Broker & Banker Submit loans as either a Banker or Broker (for the same fee of $495)
  • FHA/VA Approval as a branch you will be able to offer FHA and VA programs to your clients
  • Health Insurance is available for our Mortgage Net Branch employees
  • 401K Invest in yourself with our 401K program
  • Direct Deposit is available and encouraged
  • Flat Fee Available - We do offer branches the option of eliminating all Per File fees by paying a flat monthly fee of $1,500.

    What Should You Look For in Net Branch Opportunities?

    Pay-outs on closed loans have to be quick. No games. Common-sense compliance is mandatory
    They have to be approved with the best lenders in terms of rates, underwriting and service. Having a 'large lender list' is not enough
    They must be licensed in 30 or more states. You can't can't afford to lose loans due to lack of state licensing
    They must be compliant. You can't risk your money with a 'rogue' Net Branch Company